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boutique web design

Our Portfolio

Here are some of the web designs we have worked with and developed over the years.

  • Sample Home Page Design

    This is a sample home page, this design utilises the easy to use content management system.

  • Image Gallery

    This page shows the capabilities of our image gallery. It displays a sliding banner, and some smaller images below.

  • E-Commerce Web Design

    Here this displays a basic shop layout which is utilising the E-Commerce content management system provided by Veromonde.

  • Custom CMS design

    This is a simple but very effective design that wont confuse your clients.

  • Command Home Loans

    Content managed website solution for financial services company.

  • Guardians Dog Minding

    Custom website solution with a tailored database design and transaction processing.

  • Masselos Grahame Masselos

    Starter website solution for chartered accountants firm.

  • Sketch It Blue

    Custom CMS Website solution for a drafting company.

  • Sample Home Page Design

    This is a sample home page design with a splash banner image and text that can be updated through the content management system.

  • Restaurant Web Design

    This is a sample restaurant home page website design with our content management system.

  • Shop Front Design

    This is an example of a shop front design for a boutique fashion designer.

  • Home Page Design

    This is an example of a financial advisor home page design.

  • Shop Front Design

    This is a sample shop front home page web design for a electronics products company.

  • Real Estate Web Design

    This is a sample website design for a real estate agent using our cms solution.

“We received a website we were proud to represent our firm.”

Elenie Ferrier, Massellos Grahame Masellos

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